Saturday, January 29, 2011

Reading the Presidents

So I'm a big reader.  And I've switched to only Kindle books.  I always read 4 or 5 books at the same time so switching to the e-book format is so much better for me as now everywhere I go, I already have all my books with me.

I love memoirs but also have some fiction writers who are favorites of mine.  So I'm usually reading one memoir, one non-fiction and two or three fiction books at the same time.

One of the books I am reading right now is Decision Points by George W. Bush.  I'm taking my time reading it as I am absorbing it.  It is an absolutely FABULOUS book.  I recommend for everyone to read it, no matter what your political views are.  I guarantee that the chapter about 9/11 where he takes you through it from his perspective is something I will re-read at least once a year.

Since reading this book, I've decided to make it a personal goal of mine to read a book either by or about every one of our presidents.  Yes, even the current one...  I don't plan to do it in any particular order but will probably do it in a close chronological order.

I've recently started on Washington with The Life of George Washington by John Marshall.  The $.89 Kindle price is awesome!

So do any of you want to join me in this path?  I would love to have some people to come along with me to discuss the books with....