Saturday, October 22, 2011

I want to live among the cowboys

As many of your know, the hubby and I are very seriously considering a move to a different state. Due to ObamaCare, the hubby's job is now in very serious trouble at the company he's currently with (get ready for YOUR healthcare to get hiked in price and take a steep nosedive in quality). We also both feel that most of our family on both sides could really care less whether we are here or not. (Note, I said "most of our family," not "all.") For the most part, we are much closer to our friends than to family. And we have both lived in this state (Oregon) for all of our lives (well, hubby moved here when he was a very young child.)

Also, with sites like Facebook, it is very easy to stay in touch with people no matter where they live. Due to her Facebook and blog activity, I know more about the day-to-day life of a friend of mine in France than I do about family who live mere miles away. And the people we want to see, will come and visit us. And we can come back and visit.

So we are looking for the opportunity to start fresh somewhere new to go together "for the adventure." I am feeling led by God strongly to get out of this state. We don't know where or when yet, but it's becoming more and more a *when* we move and not an *if* we move.

So, where? We have been researching states and hubby has been watching the job opportunities. Several possibilities where there are job opportunities have been scratched from the list due to the cost of housing there. But there are still some very interesting ones out there and the search continues. Luckily, right now we don't have a definite deadline so we have the luxury of taking our time in our search and saving our money and the hubby still has his job here.

Until a few years ago, I have always wanted to move to either Central or Eastern Oregon. I LOVE the high desert climate. Every time we've taken a trip over to Central Oregon, as soon as we drop down off the pass into Sisters, my whole body just feels "at home." And I continue to feel that way until we leave. My dad says it's the same for him.

But, let's face it. Central and Eastern Oregon are still OREGON. And Oregon is being destroyed by the Liberals in Portland. The path the state is on fiscally, like much of the nation, is simply unsustainable. The numbers do NOT add up, no matter how they move them around. Without serious cuts to entitlements, extreme audits (and follow up enforcements) of the welfare programs, cutting off aid to illegal immigrants and, probably, most importantly, getting RID of public employee unions, the state cannot be saved.

Oregon used to be a great state to live in. Not any more.

But if ever the day comes that Central and Eastern Oregon (or even just Eastern Oregon) succeeds from Oregon to form a new state, we are there! Count us in as founding citizens.

But, back to where to move to. Currently we are looking at NE Washington/NW Idaho (with a preference to live in Idaho), Southern Idaho, North Dakota, Alaska (although Juneau has been ruled out), Montana, Wyoming (no jobs at all there for hubby right now), Utah, and Indiana.

But with so many choices, what I am looking for in a state really comes down to a few things. I want four seasons (not Summer and Rain nor HOT all the time) and I want to live in a small town (not sure what "small" means to me yet as my business does require a good internet connection) where the people love God, their Country and their neighbors. I want to live in a COMMUNITY, not just a town.

I'm able to put it into a clear, concise definition: I want to live among the cowboys.

Now, when I told the hubby this, he immediately said to me, "no, you can't have a cowboy."

Sigh... I don't WANT a cowboy (I'm happily married, thank you very much.). I want to live where the cowboys live.


Because cowboys....

  • Love God
  • Love their Country
  • Love their family
  • Love their neighbors
  • Believe in property rights
  • Believe in gun rights
  • Know how to provide for themselves and their community
  • Respect the environment (I've NEVER seen a cowboy litter but I sure have seen a lot of urban-dwelling, liberal-voting slackers litter. In fact, we pick up litter out of our front yard every week that is dropped by high school students as they walk to and from the school we live nearby. My Dad would have KILLED me if he had ever caught me littering. My Dad. Who hunts and votes conservative.)
  • Vote conservative

Sounds good to me!