Saturday, December 04, 2010

The state of leadership in Portland summed up in one small news article...

So I came across this short piece on KATU's site last night and it just really struck me how it just summed up the whole state of lousy leadership in Portland right now.

So, summed up, this could be the letter the citizens received from the City:

Dear Citizen:
Enclosed is a bill for a public service we provided that we never told you we would be charging you extra for. But if you don't want to pay it, that's ok.

We will just raise your taxes that much more next year, er, we mean we will absorb the costs for you.

Be sure to re-elect all of us next chance you get so we can continue to screw you over, er, we mean provide the fine leadership you've come accustomed to.

Mayor's Office, Portland, OR