Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nasty campaigning

I have previously written about the local campaign race for US Congress District 1.  Currently our Rep is David Wu and he's just a complete do-nothing disaster.  On the Republican side, three men are running to replace him:  Doug Keller, Rob Cornilles and John Kuzmanich.  After meeting all three men, hearing them debate and meeting them in person, my support is behind Rob Cornilles.  I wrote about my reasons in a previous post.

Now that we are at the end of the primary race with a winner to be announced in less than 48 hours, I've noticed some recent nasty campaigning going on by Kuzmanich's supporters.  The nasty campaigning I am referring to is not coming from Kuz's campaign staffers, but rather from some of his supporters.  Specifically, in the form of a few political cartoons that make Kuz look like a winner and Cornilles look like a RINO. This is fine.  Kuz can't control that.  But what has dismayed me and further cemented my support for Cornilles is that Kuz has openly laughed at the nasty cartoons and shows his obvious approval of them.

Here is the first cartoon:

It was added by Kelly Hodsdon. 

I commented on the cartoon and how I see it as nasty campaigning and that Kuz's obvious support of it further supports my choice not to vote for him.  I was told that I was "absurd."  Really Kelly.  How mature of you.

A few days later another cartoon was posted by Kelly:

with this caption underneath it:

Got news for you Kelly, name calling whether with words or pictures is still name-calling. 

I consider name-calling nasty campaigning.  Period.  And I will not support a candidate that tolerates that in a primary election.

I was turned off by Kuz when during a debate with Keller and Cornilles, Kuz treated Cornilles with disrespect and disdain.  He also dismissed me when I was introduced to him.  And this was BEFORE I publicly said anything about who I was supporting.  I was introduced to him at the debate I attended and he treated me as if I was wasting his time.  I suppose I'm too "common" for him.

If Kuz wins the primary, I will support him in the general election but I will be watching his words and actions carefully and will call him out if I see nasty campaigning.  We aren't in middle school anymore.  Grow up.


Friday, May 07, 2010

Mother's Day

Due to my marriage and the divorce and remarriages of our parents I have 4 mothers. I love all of them. Three of them love me.

I hate Mother's Day. I have my reasons.

Love the women, hate the day.