Sunday, September 13, 2009

And they wonder why they are going broke?

Saturday, September 12, 2009, my husband, myself and several million of our fellow American citizens marched on Washington DC and State Capitols all across the nation. MILLIONS of us marched. MILLIONS.

As usual, most of the mainstream media either completely ignored us or greatly downplayed what happened.

A visit yesterday to our local network affiliates to see what, if any coverage they had on their websites resulted in this information:


The lead story on KATU's website was this one: Emotions run deep at weekend Brain Tumor Walk through Portland. The story comes complete with a picture gallery.

Oh WOW! Hundreds of people walked to support brain tumor causes. HUNDREDS!!

A search on their website for "tea party" brings up a link to an article on their homepage about Obama's speech to Congress earlier in the week (he mentions "tea parties" in his speech), an AP article about the thousands who marched on Washington DC yesterday (good try AP, but it was MILLIONS, not thousounds), and several links to articles about the Tea Parties that occurred back on April 15, 2009.

NOTHING about the March on Salem that happened Saturday.

So, KATU, when hundreds gather to support brain tumor causes, you give it the coverage on your website but when THOUSANDS gather in Salem to protest what government is doing, you ignore it?

Would you have ignored it if the majority party in power were the Republicans?


Similar to KATU, KOIN's website also has NO mention of Saturday's March on Salem. A search on their website for the term "tea party" brings up a link to the same AP story about the march on Washington DC Saturday that was on KATU's site.


KGW's website was even worse. Not only is there zero coverage of the March on Salem that happened Saturday, they don't even have mention of the March on Washington DC. Not even the AP story that linked on KATU and KOIN's website. Nada. The only links on a "tea party" search are to tea parties that happened back on April 15, 2009.

Well, we already knew that NBC was in the Obama Administration's pocket though, didn't we?


Apparently our local Fox affiliate does not operate the same way as the national Fox News Channel does. We can always count on the Fox News Channel to offer up fair and balanced reporting. I was hoping to find the same with our local Fox affiliate. Unfortunately I was disappointed.

They had NOTHING on their home page in regards to either the March on Washington DC or the local March on Salem. A search for "tea party" on their website only brought up links to the same AP article as mentioned for the other affiliates.

I have sent messages to all of these stations, letting them know we are aware of their biased reporting and we've had enough. I am declaring a war on these stations. I plan to hit them where it hurts. Their advertising revenue is already severely down due to the recession. I plan to contact as many of their sponsors as possible to let them know that I will NOT be buying any of their products or services as long as they choose to advertise with any of these affiliates.

Let's hurt them where it counts. In their bank account. Are you with me?

Links to contact all of the affiliates are listed below. I urge you to join me and demand fair and balanced reporting in the media.

The email addresses to contact KATU can be found here: Contact KATU

Information on how to contact KOIN can be found here: Contact KOIN

Information on how to contact KGW can be found here: Contact KGW

Information on how to contact KPTV can be found here: Contact KPTV

Contact them. Let them know how you feel and that you will be joining in the war on them. Let them know that you also will be contacting their advertisers to boycott their products and services.

More to come!


Monday, September 07, 2009

Tax Referral Tea Party TODAY

Today, September 7th, there will be a Tax Referral Tea Party in Portland at Pioneer Courthouse Square. Tea Party starts at 6pm, we will start gathering at 5pm.

Come one, come all!

Tax Referral Tea Party

The Oregon Legislature passed several new taxes and tax increases that will further kill jobs in Oregon. We are working together to get measures on the ballot to undo what Salem has done. We are also working together to send Salem a message that we are not going to take it.

Have you signed the 4 petitions? If not, come to tonight's Tea Party and you will have ample chance to sign them. If you cannot attend tonight, petitions can be downloaded from the Americans for Prosperity - Oregon website: Download single-signer petitions HERE

Remember, if you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem.